Permit Guidelines

PDF LINK:  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Information Packet 

Requirements, for Typical one-and two-family residences:
Built before January 1, 1975 through residences permitted on or after February 4, 2011


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NOTE: Residents need to schedule an inspection with the Fire Department prior to their closing.
Please review the PDF link above to ensure your home is in compliance before our arrival.
The Tyngsbourough Fire Department schedules inspections Monday-Friday from 9:00 - 5:00.
Inspections are done by the on-duty staff who try to make the best effort to arrive promptly; however,
attending to emergency calls is our priority.

Call 978-649-7671 to schedule an inspection.

Re-inspection fees may be charged for all above failed inspections
or cancellations and will be at the discretion of the Fire Chief or designee. 

Fire Reports

To request a report please call us at 978-649-7671
or email