Burning Permit Guidelines

Brush Burning Season has ENDED for 2023!







The Tyngsborough Fire Department has converted the brush burning permits to an online system using the Town’s online permitting system similar to Smoke Detector inspections, or building permits. Residents will purchase their annual brush burning permit online, be able to print out a copy of their permit with regulations, and will need to apply online on each day the wish to burn brush for an Authorization to Burn. There will not be an additional fee. The annual Burn Permit fee will increase to $15.

Please Note: There will not be an option to purchase brush burning permits in person and no cash will be accepted at the Fire Department.

Steps to obtain an Annual Brush Burning Permit (good 15 Jan – 1 May of that current year)

1. Go online to www.tyngsboroughma.gov. Under “Quick Links” drop down, click on “Online permitting”, scroll to “Burn Permit”.
2. Complete the information in the form: Name, Address where you will burn, and cell phone number.
a. The permit is attached to the address, not the name on the form.
b. Cell phone numbers will be entered into the Town’s SMART 911 system in order to quickly notify you if burning is cancelled due to a fire hazard for that day.
You will also be entered in system for any Emergency Notifications put out by Public Safety or Emergency Management.
3. Pay the Burn Permit Fee online. The fee is now $15.00, which includes any credit card fees added by the system.
4. You can obtain this permit any time once the system is live, BEFORE you plan on burning any brush. NO additional fees for the 2023 brush burning season.

Steps to obtain Authorization to Burn on each day you wish to burn brush:

1. You must already have obtained your annual Brush Burning Permit in order to get Authorization to burn.
2. Go to the online permitting system from Town of Tyngsborough website, or follow link on you electronic permit; after 9:00am on the day you wish to burn brush.
3. Click on “Daily Authorization to Burn” and complete the form, including your Burn Permit #. There will be no additional fee.
4. If the Daily Authorization to Burn permit does not appear as an option, then brush burning is not authorized on that day.
5. There should be no reason to call the Fire Dept to get permission to burn.

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* Excerpted from 310 CMR Department of Environmental Management