ALERT: None at this time.
Please be advised: SCAM ALERT
The National Fire Protection Association have made us aware of a company sending what looks like formal correspondence using both an “nfpa.org” email address and an “nfpa.org” web reference in the body of the letter and indicating that a “fire inspection” is required or has been performed. It appears the communication is aimed at scaring recipients into scheduling and paying for fire inspections. The Tyngsborough Fire Department is the ONLY AGENCY that is allowed to conduct and or complete local fire inspections. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this topic or other matters.



Coronavirus Disease Information

The Novel Coronavirus 2019, or Covid-19 is trending in every news outlet and on everyone's mind since the outbreak began in China a couple of months ago. It is important for residents to be well informed through reliable news and government outlets, and resist the fear that is sometimes spread via social media.

The Tyngsborough Fire Department and the Office of Emergency Management are in communication with our local, regional, and State planning partners on best practices for the unlikely encounter with a suspect case of Covid-19. The good news is that planning and training for the SARS Coronavirus some years ago, and our annual refreshers on preventing the spread of Seasonal Influenza have prepared us well.

All Disaster Response starts local, whether it is a natural disaster such as a hurricane, or a public health threat. Being confident in the preparedness of your local Public Safety and Public Health officials isn't enough. Each resident must do their part to keep informed and prepare themselves and their families. Below are links to resources that will help you better prepare.

Wes Russell, Fire Chief, Emergency Management Director

Helpful Links:


US DHHS CDC Travel Health Notices

COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker.  Johns Hopkins

US Dpt of State Travel Advisories

US DHHS "Public Health Emergency" web page


Small Business Guidance and Loan Resource in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Small business owners in the following designated states are currently eligible to apply for a low-interest loan due to Coronavirus (COVID-19): Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. Click here to apply.

Find more information on the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans at: SBA.gov/Disaster.

The SBA will work directly with state Governors to provide targeted, low-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits that have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provides small businesses with working capital loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.  Additional Information Click Here


Online Permitting is Available for a Sale of Property - 26F 1/2

Our new online permitting for a sale of property - 26F 1/2 is up and running from the Town of Tyngsborough website.
Click Here to automatically direct you to apply online.

***Please Note*** During the Governor's Declared State of Emergency, for COVID-19 response, inspections required by Sect 26F, and 26F1/2 of Ch. 148 of General Laws are deferred as a condition of sale of a dwelling provided that; (a) The parties agree that the buyer, not the seller, shall be responsible for equipping the home with approved smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. (b) The buyer agrees to equip the home with approved detectors immediately upon taking title. (c) The inspection by the Fire Department, required by Sect. 26F and 26F1/2 is conducted no more than 90 days after the state of emergency is terminated

New Recruit

Please help us congratulate Firefighter/EMT, Tom Joyce for his recent completion of the Massachusetts Fire Academy.  FF/EMT Joyce completed 240 hours of training on nights and weekends in all basic firefighter skills. He demonstrated proficiency in life safety, search and rescue, ladder operations, water supply, pump operation, and fire attack and fire attack operations. We are excited to work alongside with him in the coming years at Tyngsborough Fire.


SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Available in Massachusetts Following Secretary of Agriculture Disaster Declaration for Extreme Cold and Winterkill

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced today that Economic Injury Disaster Loans are available to small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small businesses engaged in aquaculture and private nonprofit organizations located in Essex, Franklin, Middlesex and Worcester counties in Massachusetts as a result of the extreme cold, temperature fluctuations and winterkill. From Dec. 1, 2018 through April 20, 2019.For more Information: https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/

Tyngsborough Fire Department

The Town of Tyngsborough is protected by a Combination Fire Department; with the advantage of a small on duty staff 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, and on call firefighters that respond when there is a need for additional staffing. While some of the firefighting staff have been hired for full time hours, and others may work part time; all firefighting staff are Call Firefighters and respond to call backs when off duty.

Our Mission:

Mission of the Tyngsborough Fire Department is to protect the lives, and preserve the property of the residents, visitors, students, and businesses in the community; and partner with other agencies and businesses contributing to the advancement of the quality of life in the Town of Tyngsborough. This Mission is accomplished through a number of programs including:

-Emergency response to fires, accidents, and other emergencies.
-Emergency Medical Services.
-Investigation of the origin and cause of fire and explosions.
-Fire prevention preplanning, buildings plan reviews and inspections
-Public fire and life safety education.

Our New Engine One

The Tyngsborough Fire Department is proud to announce that we have received our new Engine 1! The truck is a 2019 KME Panther with 1500 gpm pump, 750 gallons of water and 20 gallons of Class A foam. TFD Firefighters conducted training with the new apparatus yesterday. The new truck has been placed into service and will serve the community well!

Tyngsborough Fire Department Year in Review 2019

Fire Chief: Wes Russell
Deputy Chiefs: Jay Newton, Pat Sands

The Fire Department remains busy, averaging 4-5 responses per day, and total calls down just slightly from our busiest year in 2018. Requests for the ambulance and motor vehicle accidents combined make up over 75% of all calls. There were no multiple alarm fires.There is also increasing demand for Fire Prevention activities including plans review, issuing permits, and building and fire alarm inspections.

Lieutenant Andrew McAllister and family will be missed, as they made the big move to North Carolina. We wish Mac the best of luck with his new fire department down south. We also congratulated Firefighter John Pelletier on his promotion to Lieutenant and full-time Shift Commander. John is also our Fire S.A.F.E. Educator, regularly presenting educational programs for students and senior citizens. This program is supported by a grant from the State, Department of Fire Services.

The full and part time firefighters formed the first Tyngsborough Firefighters collective bargaining unit, affiliated with the International Association of Firefighters. IAFF Local 5018 has 14 members and it’s first Union President is Firefighter Tom Geoffroy.

Training is critical to maintaining an effective firefighting force. Firefighters train daily while on duty in all aspects of firefighting and EMS. Call / part-time firefighters also meet monthly for group training. The Mass Fire Academy provides many courses to firefighters at no cost to the community, and nearly all of the firefighters take advantage of that. Some of the courses are mandatory to move through the ranks, and several firefighters have received certifications as Fire Service Instructors, or Fire Officer.

The Fire Department Open House, held in October was well attended. Many residents, young and not so young enjoyed activities, met the firefighters, and toured the station and apparatus. Also in October, but not quite in time for our open house, our new Engine/Pumper was put in to service. The 2020 KME Engine has a KME Panther Chasis, 450 hp Cummins Diesel engine, 1500 gpm pump, 750 gal water tank, and carries a complement of ground ladders, hoses and equipment, and has an on board hydraulic pump to operate the hydraulic rescue tools. We look forward to many, repair free, years of service.

Community outreach and education is an important objective. We have worked to increase our contact with school age children and seniors to provide Fire Prevention and Safety Education. In addition to the Fire Department website and Facebook page, we had a very well attended Open House at the Kendall Rd. Station.


Total Responses For 2019: 1,678              

Ambulance: 1107 Transports: 796 Building Fires: 5 Multi Alarm Fires: 0
Fire/Other: 6 Vehicle/Equipment Fire: 8 Brush Fire: 6 Mutual Aid: 20
MVA: 181 Haz-Mat/ CO Alarms: 43 False Alarms: 246 Other: 58


Recent Activity

P.A.L Visit: Great job by all the kids and adults who helped out washing the trucks.

Shed Fire: This occurred during our last Nor'easter; it was started by a generator in a shed behind the owner's home. Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire, but extensive overhaul was needed. 

Fight For Air Climb: Members of the FD participated for a second year in a row, climbing 80 Flights to raise money for the American Lung Association.


Fire Association Business












Another wonderful year for our Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. Thank you to everyone who helped support the Donald Singleton Memorial. A huge thank you to our main sponsor, Enterprise Bank and to our other 30+ sponsors of local companies and families who contributed. Also, a special Thank You to Woody from the Tyngborough Sportsman’s Club, Peter from Green Meadow, John from JFK Catering along with Christina, Andrew, Jon, Brian, Doug, Courtney, Sarah, Pam, Nelson, David, Bruce, Brad, Pat, Pat, Ryan, Heather and April.  Least but never last, Thank You to the Singleton Family for all the support to keep this fundraiser going.
Hope to see everyone again next year 2020!

Recent Videos

TFD @ the Nashua Regional Training Simulator. Live burn drill November 2017

TFD @ the Nashua Regional Training Simulator. Live burn drill!

Posted by Tyngsborough Fire Department on Saturday, November 4, 2017